Yango Delivery
Become a courier

Become a courier
with Yandex Go Delivery
a courier
with Yandex

Deliver orders from Internet stores, restaurants, and packages from
Yandex Go users.

Earnup to 4000 lari per month

Become a courier

4000 lari

like iconYou choose

How much time you spend delivering

Either a whole day or just a few hours after work or school

How to make
your deliveries

By car, moped, bike, scooter, or on foot

cash iconWhy
working with us is great

High salary

The more orders you deliver, the more money you'll get

Get paid often

You'll be paid at least once every three days

Get bonuses and promotions

You'll earn more when there's high demand; for example right before holidays

All you need is the
app to deliver

To begin delivering orders, all you need is a phone

Insurance is
provided while
making deliveries

We provide life and health insurance

arrow-2-medium iconStart


Fill in the application

1 minute


Reply to the operator's questions

5 minutes


Complete the training in the Yandex Pro app

It just takes 30 minutes


All done

You can go online and

a courier

Fill out an application and we'll call you back
within 15 minutes

You can also register by yourself and start delivering

Download the Yandex Pro app to do this.
You can also register by yourself and start delivering

Download the Yandex Pro app to do this.

arrow-1 iconFAQ

What kinds of things will you
be asked to deliver?
Orders from online stores and restaurants, food, flowers, children's goods, small home appliances, etc. Orders can also be packages sent from one person to another,such as keys or important documents.

On-foot couriers can deliver orders weighing up to 10kg, and car couriers can deliver orders weighing up to 20kg. If you want, you can deliver heavier packages. You earn more money for these orders.
Do you need to have an insulated bag?
No, but you'll get more orders and additional bonuses if you do.
Where can you get an
insulated bag?
You can buy or rent an insulated bag at one of our Delivery Centers. You can also complete your training there and talk to our employees, who will answer all your questions.
Do you need to have driving experience?
No, we don't have any requirements about experience.
Are there any requirements
for my car?
No, you can use any car.
What if I want to be a car courier but I don't have a car?
In some cities you can rent a car from our partners.
Will I get a bike?
We don't give our couriers bicycles , but we have discounts and special terms for people who want to buy or rent a bike from our partners.
Do you need to wear a
No, you can wear whatever you want when working.
What are the requirements to become a courier?
You need to be at least 18.

If you want to deliver on foot, on a scooter, bicycle or moped with a 50 cm3 engine, you'll need an ID and your TIN. Car and motorcycle couriers also need their driver's licenses and motorcycle/car registration certificates. You'll be registered with partner companies.
If I'm not a citizen of Georgia, can I still become a courier?
Yes, you can.

EAEU country residents can become couriers without any extra documents. Residents of other countries will need a work permit.
Will I work with Yandex directly?
No, you'll be working via a partner company of Yandex.

The terms may differ depending on the partner company.

The maximum earnings of Yandex.Delivery partners in Georgia are shown based on statistics over the last 3 months. Results differ from person to person, the amount may be different from the one shown, and it depends on the city, hours spent delivering, and the type of transport used. To find out more, please contact us using the form on this page.